Fat Fueled Female

I invite you to join me on a Ketogenic journey that will ignite your fat-burning potential, heal your body with delicious & satisfying foods, balance your hormones and mood, and get you off the dieting roller-coaster! This is a DYNAMIC 4 week program that will support you through the different stages of transitioning into a ketogenic diet!
We will be changing our nutrition, support tools and menu plans each week to make you feel your BEST at each stage!


Next session October 9, 2018


14 Day Body & Lifestyle Transformation - Next starts Monday, October 16, Register Now!

This unique program combines Nutrition & Fitness to ignite your metabolism, burn fat and teach you how to put your meals together in a way that will energize and get you glowing! Your E-book will instruct you on organizing and preparing your meals for the week, and will provide you with DELICIOUS, whole food recipes that will keep you motivated. BEST of all, you will be part of a private Facebook page where Dr. Anna will answer your questions on a daily basis, and you will receive the support of the entire participating (and previous) group of women! This winning formula has helped dozens of women lose inches, gain strength, and gain confidence in their nutritional choices.


A Naturopathic Doctor's Guide to Intermittent Fasting

This comprehensive 'how-to' manual for Men & Women is a Primal approach for burning fat, improving energy and increasing longevity! This is NOT a diet, it's a way of eating that utilizes your bodies innate ability to access fat as fuel, heal inflammation and restore amazing health. This guide is a tool that can take your health to the next level!



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